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Since 1960,  Mateer Harbert PA has successfully assisted clients with trusted Debt and Bankruptcy solutions. At Mateer Harbert PA, we understand the struggle to stay afloat of household bills, constant calls from collection agencies, and high interest rate credit cards. Our team is prepared to immediately cease the harassment and assist you with a cure to solve your financial woes.

Mateer Harbert PA are privileged to serve clients across the entire spectrum of law – with particular expertise in Debt and Bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 filing Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 filing Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 filing Bankruptcy and up front Legal representation. In all these areas – whatever the challenge – we have the capacity to respond with agility, mobilize quickly, and act decisively to deliver solutions that best meet our clients' needs.

bankruptcy, chaper 7, chapter 13, chapter 11

Specialties Bankruptcy Law

  • Filing & Preparation, Legal Representation Chapter 7
  • Filing & Preparation, Legal Representation Chapter 11
  • Filing & Preparation, Legal Representation Chapter 13

bankruptcy, chaper 7, chapter 13, chapter 11 file

At Mateer Harbert PA, we're passionate about the law and relentlessly committed to client service. We've built longstanding relationships on the traditional values of diligence, dedication, and loyalty working on Bankruptcy cases in the state of Florida. Mateer Harbert PA continues to strive for bankruptcy protection and give clients the peace of mind they deserve.

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